Karim Rashid To Design Another Manhattan Apartment Building | HAP

Less than a month ago, renderings were revealed for a bonkers “diamond signature” condo building designed by Karim Rashid, and now the kooky designer has been tapped for yet another Upper Manhattan building by the same developer. HAP Investments announced in a press release that Rashid will design a 100-unit rental building, called HAP 4, at 653-667 West 187th Street in Inwood, which they describe as “a peaceful neighborhood that has preserved its atmosphere as a suburban area within Manhattan, and is still home to a prosperous and diverse community.” Preliminary renderings on HAP’s website show a checkered purple facade with Tetris-like windows.

“I believe in moving the trends away from tired archetypes, and cold minimalism,” says a statement from Rashid. “I wanted to challenge the boundaries of design and to bring a fulgent vibrancy to the environment. Spaces should have a pulse, should sing and come alive around you, so that we feel inspired at revitalized. […] The design for HAP 4’s façade shows a standard rain screen ventilated cladding system that is climate appropriate to the region and both fast and cost effective to build in Manhattan.”