Hasid named chief investment officer at HAP | HAP

New York, NY According to HAP Investments LLC, a New York based international real estate investment and development company, the company co-founder Amir Hasid will assume the position of chief investment officer. In his new role, Hasid will oversee and manage the organization’s portfolio of assets, develop growth strategies and monitor risk assessment. Hasid will also be responsible for raising equity and debt for each project.

“We are pleased to have Amir step into the role of chief investment officer,” said Eran Polack, co-founder and CEO of HAP Investments.

“He will play a key part in our growth in this new position with his valuable insights into the real estate and development business.”

Hasid, a co-founder of HAP Investments, is now based in New York City and will apply his legal and financial expertise to the development process from acquisition to the construction phase of a project, through to completion and residential occupancy. The position is newly created to support the organization’s business growth as HAP Investments continues to expand in the New York market.

Hasid holds both a Law (LLB) and Business Management (MBA) degree from Manchester University.