Diamond In The Rough | Karim Rashid Designs The Diamond Building For East Harlem | HAP

The images that make the historic Harlem area of New York City continue to change. Mixed in with legendary properties and iconic buildings are new building designs from some of the hottest architects. Karim Rashid is an industrial designer who has a love for neon and the environment. He was summoned to create a stunning, eight story apartment building in Harlem. Rashid’s design for this building is a “signature” diamond look like a trademark Rashid.

This building design will be for a multi-use property. The building is a 19-unit building that holds seventeen one-bedroom apartments and two 2-bedroom apartments. The ground floor will be used for commercial space as well. The entire building will be influenced by Rashid’s style as the interior will boast a modern and edgy décor, much like the building exterior. Less is more seems to be the theme throughout as many of the pieces are versatile and there is not a lot of furniture clutter. The Madison Avenue Location will be selling property starting at $430,000.