HAP Investments is committed to supporting and strengthening our bonds with the communities in which we build. Through a variety of philanthropic activities, we seek to contribute to the long-term health, enrichment, and well-being of those who live and work in them.

  • Job Training: Support of programs for people with an interest in exploring careers in real estate development, architecture, engineering, design, and construction. Cooperation with community-based organizations to support job training and education opportunities for skilled and unskilled workers at construction sites and in completed projects.
  • Arts & Culture: HAP has made numerous financial contributions to arts programs in community-based programs that help young kids get involved in performing arts, theater, athletics, music, and literature.
  • Sustainable Environment: In addition to sponsorship of community gardens and restoration of public parks, HAP incorporates environmentally responsible design and construction in projects, including specification of sustainable materials as well as energy-efficient systems and appliances.
  • Volunteerism: In our partnership with local charities, HAP employees participate in “Days of Giving” to volunteer for various charities throughout Manhattan. This past year, we “adopted” a family from the Salvation Army and bought them winter clothes and Christmas gifts.